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Magnetic Sheets ...

ProMAG has different magnetic sheets that you can draw or print directly on and then cut or punch them out to the size you need!

  •  Glossy inkjet printable magnet sheets are most popular for signs and photos. This product is for inkjet printers only.
  •  Glossy inkjet die-cut magnetic cards are great for all Save-The-Date needs. These sheets for already die-cut so all your have to do is print and punch out of the magnetic cards. This project is for inkjet printers only
  •  Color-A-Mag sheets are excellent for kid’s craft projects. These sheets will accept crayon, marker colored pencil, and more. You can use anything from stickers for stencils to create your very own masterpiece.
  •  ProMAG also offers multiple sizes of magnetic sheets that are printable or with adhesive for your different needs, Adhes-A-Mag and JetMAG.

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