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Crafts: Adhesive

Adhesive Magnets ...

You can use magnets with adhesive to turn all your favorite pictures and artwork into magnets. These are great for gifts or just place on your own refrigerator!

  •  Round magnets with Adhesive are simple to use with just a peel and stick! You can hang up any art sheets or pictures.
  •  Magnetic Tapes and Magnetic Strips are easy to use for all your scrapbooking needs. These all have a strong, indoor adhesive. You can cut all these tapes and strips to the length that you need.
  •  Foam magnets with adhesive come in both circle and squares depending on what you need. The foam allows for you to stick these to uneven surfaces. There is a built in cushion for your adhesive to make sure it sticks to your projects.
  •  The Adhes-A-Mag Magnetic sheets with adhesive are great to easily turn your pictures quickly into magnets! You can cut to any desired shape and make any custom magnet.
  •  ReUse-A-Mag product comes with 40 square magnets that you can use again and again! These have a strong indoor adhesive but can be used multiple times when you want to change out your pictures.

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